EasyAccom 101

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Who is a host?
A Host is anyone who Lists his/her property on EasyAccom and permits the listed property to be booked by a Guest.
How do I become a host?
Any registered member of EasyAccom who has a spare room, a complete apartment or any kind of immovable property with a designated postal address can list their property on EasyAccom and become a Host.
How do I list my property?
Hosting is simple. All you need to do is click on the 'List Your Space' button and follow the steps to Host your property.
Are there any legal requirements I need to comply with?
Every city or neighbourhood has its own rules with regards to renting out properties for short term accommodation. Also, if you are the tenant, you might want to check with your owner before sub-letting your property. As a responsible Host you should consider all the legal aspects before Listing your property.
How much should I charge for my property?
To make your listing attractive you should try to charge lower than the other traditional options available to a prospective Guest, such as Hotels. Be sure to factor in other associated expenses you are likely to incur, such as cleaning, electricity, water and internet charges.
Can I charge different rates for the same property?
Yes you can. If you are listing multiple rooms, you can charge different rates for the individual rooms.  You can also use the Edit Rooms option available under My Listings within the Dashboard to change the rates as and when required.
Can I list more than one room?
Yes you can. You can list your property as an Entire Property, a Private Room or a Shared Room. Which means should your property have multiple rooms, you can list them all individually under one listing. You can also charge different rates.
Is my address visible publicly?
Your complete address is visible only to confirmed Guests. After a Guest has made a Booking, your property location, address and contact details are shared with the Guest. Similarly, the Guest's contact details are shared with you to enable you both to communicate.
How do I communicate with my Guest?
The Guest's complete details are shared with you when the Booking is confirmed.
Can I cancel a Booking?
Every Booking made is automatically confirmed. However, you are free to review Bookings and cancel them should you have a valid reason or due to unavoidable circumstances.


How do I use your services?
Anybody is free to register as a Member and search for a desirable property they want to stay at. We only charge nominal Service fees during the actual time of Booking.
How do I make a Booking?
While anyone can go through the listings, only registered Members can make a Booking.
Can I Book immediately or need an approval from the Host?
While you get an immediate confirmation after you make a Booking, the Host can always review and cancel the Booking, should the Host have a valid reason or due to other unavoidable circumstances.
What possible reasons could a Host cite to cancel a Booking?
The primary reason might be that fact that the Guest has an incomplete Profile. Complete Profiles with photos and descriptions add credibility to a Profile. Verifying your email and phone number is advised as well.
What are the benefits of signing up using Facebook?
Once you are signed in using Facebook, a Host might be able to see any Mutual friends you both might have. Profiles created using Facebook have a higher degree of trust associated with them.
Can I cancel a Booking?
Yes you can. However, you might have to pay a cancellation charge depending on the Cancellation policy for the property. You will be intimated of the Cancellation Policy during the Booking stage. Please visit the Cancellations Policy page for all details.
Can I make a Booking on behalf of someone else?
Our Policy mandates that the individual making the Booking be one of the Guests or unless you communicate with the Host in advance and get an approval before making the Booking.
How can I communicate with my Host?
The Host's details are shared with you after the Booking has been processed. Similarly, the Host is provided with your details after you make the Booking. You can also visit any prospective Host's profile page and send them a message.
How do I make a Payment towards a Booking?
You can pay using a Debit Card or a Credit Card. We collect payments on behalf of the Host and pay your Host only 24 hours after you spend a day with them and have no complaints.
What is your Policy towards refunds?
You can cancel your reservation anytime before checking in and the applicable Cancellation Policy will come into force before refunding you. Should you have any valid concerns after checking in, such as feel that the services provided are not in line with what was indicated during the time of Booking, you should connect with your Host and try resolving them. Should you fail to come to a compromise or are unable to contact your Host, you should contact us to make a case for a Refund. Please note that our policy on refund applies only within the first 24 hours so please reach out to us immediately.

Cancellations & Refunds

What is your Cancellation Policy towards a Booking?
We follow a very simple Cancellation Policy which is communicated to the Guest at the time of Booking. Please visit the Cancellations Policy page for all details.
How can a Guest claim a Refund?
The Guest is free to cancel the confirmed reservation anytime prior to the Check In date and will be refunded the balance Amount basis the applicable Cancellation Policy. For cancellations after Checking In, where the actual accommodation and services offered are not in line with the description on the listing or should the Guest face issues and the Host fail to co-operate and help out, the Guest can contact us to request for a refund. Please note that our policy on refund applies only within the first 24 hours after Check In so please reach out to us immediately.
As a Host, how can I cancel a confirmed Booking?
As a host, you get notified of a confirmed booking and are allowed to review and cancel the booking should you have a valid reason. We understand that there might be other unavoidable circumstances due to which you might have to cancel reservations any time prior to the Check In date. While this is permitted, please note that your calendar will be blocked and made unavailable for anybody else to make a Booking. This is done to prevent other Guests from accidentally making a Booking for unavailable dates.
What happens when a Guest cancels the Booking?
When a Guest cancels the reservation, the Host is notified and the relevant cancellation policy is adopted to make the necessary refunds to the Guest and compensate the Host. 
How do I get refunded?
Upon cancellation of a booking either by a Guest or the Host, the amount payable will be refunded to your account within 10 working days.
Where will my refunds be sent to?
Refunds will be transferred to the account, as specified by the User under 'Payout Details' within the 'Dashboard'.

Money Matters

As a Host, how do I get paid?
We initiate the payment due to you 24 hours after a Guest checks in. The time taken for you to receive the amount might vary on the Payout option opted and your country of residence.
What is the service fee payable by the Host?
We charge the Host a small service fee to cover our operating expenses. This fee could range from 3% to 5% and is deducted from the payment due to you from the Guest. As per local laws, we might also include applicable taxes to the service fee.

Example: A two day reservation at a nightly rate of $100
Subtotal: (2 X $100) $200
Less: 3% service fee ($6)
Total Payout: $200 - $6 = $194
What is the service fee payable by the Guest?
We charge the Guest a 3% to 5% service fee when a reservation is made. The fee is added to the payment due to the host and shown separately during the time of booking. As per local laws, we might also include applicable taxes which will be clearly communicated during the time of booking.
Example: A two day reservation at a nightly rate of $100
Subtotal: (2 X $100) $200
Add: 5% service fee ($10)
Total Payment due from the Guest: $200 + $10 = $210
As a Host, do I have to pay any Tax on the amount collected?
You need to check with your local authorities if you are required to pay taxes on short term accommodation and if that's the case, include the tax amount in your Hosting fee to cover your cost. Please understand your legal obligations and local requirements before listing your property.


While we try to anticipate all your questions, we might still miss out on addressing a few. Drop us a line on any other issues or concerns you might have and we will get back to you at the earliest.