About Us

Easyaccom is an online travel platform which connects home owners to travellers. If you have a room, a house, an apartment or pretty much any fixed location which has a postal address, you can list your available space and rent it out to travellers. As a traveller, discover places in a new way. Stay with a local and enjoy an enriching new experience.



Rent out your unused room or villa, make a little money, meet people from different cultures, show them your city, introduce them to your friends, share a meal and make new friends.


Hotel rooms are expensive and boring. Instead, stay with a local. Whether you bunk on a couch or rent a luxurious villa, you will get to experience travel in a new way and make memories which you'll treasure all your life.

Why us?

We love to travel and are passionate about technology. Through our travel experiences we realize there is a gap to be filled and that is why we have created this platform which fellow travellers will appreciate. Hope, through us you meet interesting people and discover new places!